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GE Capital ABL Division Training

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GE Capital, the world’s largest independent finance company, commissioned Sound Shore Financial to provide an intensive training program and workshop for their Asset Based Lending Unit.  The comprehensive training module focused on an in depth training in all aspects of evaluation and monitoring of accounts receivable and inventory over a period of 8 consecutive weeks.  Designed to develop and enhance the understanding and awareness of Lending Department and featured an in depth examination of case studies with interactive discussions.

Some critical aspects which were focused on were:

  • How to recognize red flags in a deteriorating credit
  • Fraud detection techniques using real life examples
  • Field Exam training allowing participants to analyze successful, intricate Field Exams with open discussions of the cases

Many of those who participated in the program went on to highly successful careers in the ABL industry.  This program became a valuable tool to senior management in growing their line of business through a thoroughly trained staff.

GE Capital Business Credit Northeast Regional Manager Steve Fuscaldo said:

 “Joe’s experience in ABL and his training of our staff was a great resource to us.  The participants found the workshops to be extremely helpful in gaining practical knowledge on how to monitor ABL loans through Joe’s own experiences as a lender.”

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